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The Joy of Patient Communication (preview)


All of us talk everyday and frankly, we think we do it pretty well. But patients often leave dental offices confused and with assumptions that just ain't so. The net result is often dentists and their teams inadvertently assuming responsibilities for therapeutic successes that have more to do with patient cooperation and participation than they do with anyone's clinical abilities. So do you want to stop those misunderstandings where patients either come back unhappy, or don't come back again?
This course will be an entertaining presentation and discussion about how to craft in-office patient communication activities so they are coordinated and effective. When done right, the dental office can be a very enjoyable place to work. It's best to come as a group so you aren't roped into having to try and explain all of this to others in your office.


  • To be able to identify and list important topics that you repeat over and over on a daily basis.
  • To strategize around each of your hot topics to coordinate messages patients receive.
  • To understand an easy way to critique in-office communication for continuous improvement.


BENJAMIN W. YOUNG, D.D.S., M.S., was an English major in college. He graduated from Loma Linda University Dental School in 1980 and entered the Air Force where he took a one-year GPR followed later with training in periodontics at Wilford Hall Medical Center and UTHSCSA. He is board certified and the author of The Joy of Flossing, available online.

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