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Evidence-Based Practice Skills and Tools for Practitioners (preview)

This program provides practitioners strategies and specific information technology skills to keep up-to-date with new innovations and clinical biomedical literature. It provides strategies to deal with the explosion of new marketing information (and misinformation) and make evidence-based decisions about new products and procedures.

The participants in the course will be able to:

  • To review current problems of keeping Up-to-Date with the explosion of new diagnostic and treatment modalities.
  • To provide participants biomedical literature search strategies and resources that they can use on a daily basis to answer practical clinical problems and aid in decision-making regarding clinical procedures.


JOHN D. RUGH, Ph.D., Director of the Evidence Based Practice Program, received his Ph.D. from the University of California at Santa Barbara and completed four years of postdoctoral training at Claremont Graduate School. He founded and served as Director of the Dental School’s Facial Pain Clinic (1978-2003). He also served as Director of Research for the Dental School (1991–97), and Chair of the Department of Orthodontics (1996-2010).

He is currently the PI on a four-year NIH R25 Education Research Grant to support the development and assessment of the school’s Evidence Based Practice Program. Nationally, Dr. Rugh served as President of the American Association for Dental Research (1994–95) and served a four-year term on the Scientific Advisory Council of the National Institute for Dental Research. In 2002, he was the recipient of a Distinguished Scientist Award from the International Association for Dental Research. In 2007, he was awarded Honorary Fellowship in the American College of Dentists.

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