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Estate Planning (preview)

We know you love those people close to you and you want to make your death or incapacity an event they can mourn while celebrating your life. You don’t want them to have to spend all the fruits of your labor on attorneys, court costs and others. You don’t want them to curse your name for failing to do something so simple, yet so powerful. So, have a relationship with lawyers you like to work with, lawyers you’ll call friends and you’ll trust to create and update with you the best estate plan for you and your family. Not only will you save those you love time, heartache and headache, you may be able to save huge sums of money.
Remember, the truism states that there are two sure things in life: Death and taxes. Then, there is the death tax, sometimes nicely called the estate tax. We have to consider the death tax, the gift tax and the generation skipping transfer tax in all we do, as well as capital gains and income taxes. Don’t want to be a forced philanthropist to Uncle Sam? Would you rather benefit children and charities?


MATT W. SPAHN, ESQ. graduated from Baylor University Law School in 1992 and founded Spahn Law Firm 2003 to focus on his passion for creating friendly, accessible ways to approach family estate planning for all – regardless of perceived worth. Matt bases his law firm on the principle of service, teaching clients what they need to know to make smart choices and gain peace of mind.

  • Since 2003, the Spahn Law Firm has continued to double in size annually
  • Licensed member of the State Bar of Texas, certified facilitator, certified coach and alum of the North San Antonio Chamber's Leadership Lab
  • Served as executive director and general counsel for the National Skeet Shooting Association, a $10 million national non-profit sports association with a 900 acre complex serving 1,500 affiliate clubs with 35,000 members worldwide
  • Served as Managing Regional Attorney and Administrator for the State of Texas, Department of Protective and Regulatory Services, where he won every case that was tried
  • Chairman of the Board - Alzheimer's Association's Star Chapter, and former director of the boards of the Texas Wildlife Association, San Antonio Gun Club, Ewing Christian Academy and North San Antonio Chamber of Commerce
  • Passionate about estate planning, nonprofit management and small business development

  • Personal Life
  • Matt was born and raised on a fourth-generation farm in Gonzales County, where he earned ownership of his first heifer by age 12. Ask him anything – absolutely anything - about raising chickens, and he'll be able to answer.
  • Was once known as Spaghetti Czar of the Boy Scouts of America.
  • Holds two Aggie bachelor's degrees with three majors: English, political science and history
  • Married to Lori, with three children, Colton, Phoebe and Wyatt
  • Enjoys worship, reading, hiking and hunting
  • Absolutely loves laughing
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