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Anthony, Ravikumar R.

Lingual Orthodontics


Alexander, Peggy

Mandibular Tissue Supported Implant-Retained Overdentures

Borg, Tyler D.

Alveolar Ridge Preservation: Rationale, Materials, and Treatment Outcomes

Cortes-Botello, Jose

Dental Materials in Modern Dentistry

Drake, Richard B.

Dental Sleep Medicine

Duncan, James M.

Potpourri of Common Problems in Implant Surgery

Finlayson, Richard S.

Extraction Site Grafting for Future Implants

Triazolam Sedation

Fu, Jonathan

Endodontic Management of Immature Permanent Teeth

Grant, Lori

Guidelines on Teaching Patients How Diet Affects Oral Health

Hackmyer, Steven P.

Pediatric Dent Refresher

Trauma in the Pediatric Patient

Huber, Michaell

Oral Cancer updates

The Patient on Anticoagulant Therapy, What’s New?

Update on Oral Cancer Diagnostic Aids

Huynh-Ba, Guy

Socket Preservation: Indications and Options

Little, David A.

Using Technology in Implant Dentistry

Mabry, Jeffrey

Anomalies of the Pediatric Oral Cavity

Antibiotic Prophylaxis for Dental Patients at Risk for Infection

Pedo Dental Trauma

MacNeill, Barbara

Treating the Pregnant Dental Patient

Noujeim, Marcel

Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology as Center of Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Academic Practice

Oates, Thomas W.

Implants & Diabetes

Olvera, Norma

Mini-Implants: Alternative Treatment Option

Truth about Zirconia: Clinical Assessment Update

Pavlin, Dubravko

Interdisciplinary Ortho

Perez, Daniel

Implant Supported Restorations in the Esthetic Zone

Quinones, Carlos Landaeta

All on Four Rehabilitation in the Edentulous Arch: Team Approach

Roberts, David L

Wisdom Teeth Diagnosis and Management

Rouse, Jeffrey Scott

Is Occlusion Dead or Just Sleeping It Off?

Rugh, John

Evidence-Based Practice Skills and Tools for Practitioners

Keep Up-to-Date with Biomedical Info

Seitz, Stefanie D.

Zirconia Implants: Diagnosis & Treatment Planning

Shirley, Jack I.

Occlusion Made Simple

Spahn, Matt

Estate Planning

Stalker, William H.

Graftless Solutions for Implant Placement

Waller, Edward P.

Lawsuits and HIPAA

Wright, Edward F.

Cracked Tooth Syndrome

Intraoral Appliance Alternatives

TMD Highlights

Yepes, Luis C.

Vertical Fractures. Diagnosing Vertical Root Fractures with new and Advanced Imaging Technologies

Young, Benjamin W.

The Joy of Patient Communication